Storm Brian - He's not the messiah, but he is jolly windy!

As most of you will already know... Last week the UK faced the wrath of 'Storm Brian'...



Firstly, who's job is it to pick these storm names? Secondly, is his name Brian? I only ask because, when you consider some of the god-like names we've seen before, such as: Ajax, Zandor and most recently, Ophilia... 'Brian' just didn't quite cut the mustard (in my opinion)! 

How about.... STORM BEHEMOTH! Grrrrrr! 

Believe it or not, the storm names came about from a series social media polls a few years ago. The rationale behind this was to humanise the storms and make them more relatable to those affected by them).




Silly names or not, Storm Brian wasn't a barrel of laughs. It caused: Transport issues, major power problems, fierce flooding, winds of over 70mph and even resulted in people losing their lives... So other than the name, it was no laughing matter.

On the sunny side... It made for some rather wild water and some interesting photography! So, last week I donned my coat, my favourite boots, a hat and camera and braved the elements, (in an attempt to capture some of the storm)!

This one is for all you Brians!

Cheerio, pip-pip, bye for now :)